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We provide a bespoke service, working with you to create stylish products to improve your home.

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We provide a bespoke service, working with you to create stylish products to improve your home. From initial design consultation to manufacturing and installation, our expert teams take care of it all, every step of the way.

Aluminum Clad Wood Sliding

Specifications: Frame Width: 120mm, Sash Glazing Rebate: 26.6mm Fixed Glazing Rebate:

Aluminum Clad Wood Casement Window

Specifications: Frame Width: 70rnm, Sash Glazing Rebate.: 266mrn Fixed Glazing Rebate:

Fixed Window

Specifications: Frame Width: 105mm, Sash Glazing Rebate: 26.6mm Fixed Glazing Rebate:

Swing Door

Specifications: Frame Width: 105mm, Sash Glazing Rebate 26.6mm Fixed Glazing Rebate:

Three Stack Sliding Door

Specifications: Frame Width: 156mm, Sash Glazing Rebate 26.6rnnn Fixed Glazing Rebate:

Two Tracks Sliding Door

Specifications: Frame Width: 105mm, Sash Glazing Rebate: 26.6mm Fixed Glazing Rebate:


With technical assistance from Italy, we have designed the aluminium profile system. And with the help of GIESSE Italy, we have designed & developed windows and doors system for Bangladesh market. These windows, including profiles and accessories, have been designed specifically for Bangladesh weather conditions.

Advanced Technology

To enhance independence and to research and provide the mainstream solutions that disabled people request, rather than designing and engineering 'specialist' expensive products.

Expert Engineers

In designing a structure or a product, the engineer selects methods, specifies materials, and determines shapes to satisfy technical requirements and to meet performance specifications.


We have our own experienced Installation team. Who can ensure the great quality of work. Call us todays to book your installation date.


We have made is Indistry more professional and transparent. From our Factory to your construction yard, it is our responsibility to ensure the quality supply chain.

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All these years, our different services have delivered long lasting innovation

To help you here are some frequently asked questions which you might find useful.

Both types of doors offer their own benefits. Being able to open up the whole of the entrance aperture with Bi-fold doors is great on a summers day and can add real impact to a room. However, bi-fold doors do tend to have more frame. Sliding patio doors only open up 50% of the door entrance but have less frame so allow for more light.

With such a large amount of glass there is a tendency that they will be less efficient than having a smaller standard window built into the wall. However, our patio doors are argon filled and use energy efficient glass that harvests heat from the sun reducing the impact of the large glass surface area.

Many homeowners have a pre-conceived idea that patio doors are easier to break into because of the large area of glass. This tends to be unfounded as invariably intruders don’t smash glass (modern double glazing is actually very hard to smash anyway) but would instead aim for the locking mechanisms. We use a range of tough and comprehensive mechanisms that make the doors very hard to access with out a key.